Obama Admin: UK EU Membership in America's 'National Interest'

Obama Admin: UK EU Membership in America's 'National Interest'

As the European debt crisis has caused some in Britain to consider leaving the European Union, Phillip Gordon, the U.S. assistant secretary who is responsible for European affairs under President Barack Obama, said Britain’s membership in the European Union was “essential” and “critical” to America’s national interest under Obama. 

“Britain has been such a special partner of the United States–that shares our values, shares our interests, has significant resources to bring to the table. More than most others, its voice within the European Union is essential and critical to the United States,” Gordon said

He then said, “What’s in the British interest is for the British people and the British Government to decide.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would seek a “new settlement” with the European Union and put it to a referendum, which is “expected to happen in about 2018 if Mr Cameron wins a majority at the next election.”

Though Cameron does not support Britain leaving the EU, many conservatives–and up eight Cabinet ministers, believe Britain should consider leaving.