IDF Responds as Palestinians Riot in West Bank

IDF Responds as Palestinians Riot in West Bank

In a show of support for Palestinian prisoners at the Ofer security prison, hundreds of Palestinians protested on Feb. 15 by throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks at IDF soldiers.

In all, reports indicate two IDF soldiers were injured and approximately 150 Palestinian protesters were treated for smoke inhalation. Others were treated for wounds from what appeared to be rubber bullets, but which protesters claim was “live ammunition.”

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said: “During a violent and illegal riot near Betunia, Palestinians hurled rocks at IDF soldiers. The soldiers, feeling immediate danger, fired while leaving the area. The incident is being reviewed.”

This was not the only Palestinian riot on Feb. 15, it was simply the largest. Smaller groups of Palestinians also rioted at Nabi Salah, Kafr Qaddum, and other locations in the West Bank.