Americans for Strong Defense: Senators Know Hagel Wrong for Defense Sec.

Americans for Strong Defense: Senators Know Hagel Wrong for Defense Sec.

On Tuesday, Alan Goldsmith of Americans for a Strong Defense claimed Chuck Hagel should not be confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense because of his “insufficient management experience,” “limited accomplishments,” “botched performances” at his confirmation hearing, and “extreme views.”

“On the merits, Chuck Hagel is wrong for secretary of Defense, and that’s all that should matter,” Goldsmith wrote for The Hill.

Goldsmith points out that during his confirmation hearing, Hagel “bungled” fundamental and basic issues by revealing he did not know whether the Obama administration had a policy of containment on Iran. He also botched basic questions on the sequester. 

“With Americans in the military serving across the globe, and at a time of growing challenges to national security and extraordinary pressures on the defense budget, there’s no time for the irrelevant partisan distractions that have diminished the debate over the Hagel nomination,” Goldsmith claimed. 

He continued, “When it comes to whether Sen. Hagel should be confirmed by the Senate, all that counts is that he’s the wrong person for the job.”

Goldsmith also cited other “jaw-dropping” statements Hagel has made, such as openly declaring that Iranian Revolutionary Guards should not be labeled as a terrorist organization because the Iranian regime is  “an elected, legitimate government, whether we agree or not.” Hagel has also accused Israel of keeping “Palestinians caged up like animals” and that the “Jewish lobby intimidates” lawmakers on Capitol Hill.  

Goldsmith claimed Hagel’s “professional qualifications do not rival those of recent defense secretaries, notwithstanding his distinguished and praiseworthy military service.” Additionally, Hagel “has never managed any institution whose workforce, bureaucracy, budget, or political sensitivity are remotely comparable to those of the Pentagon.”

Goldman concludes by urging senators to ask one question: “Would you hire a man with Chuck Hagel’s record to run your country’s military — to keep your nation secure? If not, then the Senate must not confirm Sen. Hagel for Secretary of Defense.”