High School Forcing Marine to Cover Uniform for Graduation

High School Forcing Marine to Cover Uniform for Graduation

ConVal High School in Peterborough, NH is forcing a member of the USMC who is just wrapping up boot camp to cover his Marine Blues when he attends his own graduation.

The mother of soon-to-be Marine Brandon Garabrant, said his request to wear his uniform was denied by school officials who said he would have to cover it with a cap and gown. 

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, people in Peterborough are “outraged.”  They report that because Garabrant is still in boot camp, he doesn’t even know this has become such a controversy. 

ConVal High principal Brian Pickering said: “With all respect to the military, [graduation] is not a celebration of what’s next, what’s after that.” Rather, he emphasized that it’s a celebration of what’s been accomplished. 

Those supporting Garabrant argue that this is exactly what he wants to do–to celebrate what he has accomplished in finishing boot camp and becoming a member of the USMC.

ConVal allows students to wear their military uniforms on regular school days, just not on special days like graduation. 

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