Susan Rice Rejects Blame For 100,000 Syrian Deaths

Susan Rice Rejects Blame For 100,000 Syrian Deaths

As Susan Rice moves from being Ambassador to the U.N. to being a National Security Adviser for President Obama, she is making it clear that the growing number of Syrian deaths are not her fault–“not part of [her] legacy.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, as Rice bid farewell to her ambassadorship on June 25 she made clear that neither she nor the U.S.–i.e., the Obama administration–are to blame. Rather, fault rests with the U.N.

Rice said the Security Council’s inability to stand together on Syria “is a stain on [that] body and something that [she] will forever regret, although [she doesn’t] believe that outcome is a product of the United States or its closest partners.”

When asked if she is going to try to do something to correct this inaction as she assumes her role as National Security Adviser, Rice made it clear this is not her problem to fix, not her error to correct. “This failure is not part of my legacy,” she said. 

Since March 2011 approximately 100,000 Syrians have been killed in that country’s conflict while the Obama administration remains hostage to the idea of collective security. 

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