Feinstein Drafts Resolution Praising Kerry's Israeli/Palestinian Negotiations

Feinstein Drafts Resolution Praising Kerry's Israeli/Palestinian Negotiations

Senator Dianne Feinstein has taken to the Senate floor in lockstep with her Democratic colleagues to support the work of new Secretary of State John Kerry and his “diplomatic initiative to help the parties conclude an agreement to end their conflict.”

What parties Senator Feinstein is referring to is not wholly known, or understood. Would Hamas be included in these parties? If not, is the Gaza Strip not part of a two-state solution? Quite simply, the roadmap to peace between Israel (Democratic government with a free society) and Hamas (Tyrannical terrorist group sworn to Israel’s destruction) cannot be drawn when such contrasting interests are at play.

In reference to the popular consensus of a two-state solution, the bill describes it as the one way to “ensure the State of Israel’s survival as a secure, democratic homeland for the Jewish people.” What about the other state that comes from the “two-state solution”? Will the state of Palestine be allowed to restrict Jews from entering and gaining citizenship, as their leaders have suggested? Does this mean that a State of Palestine will not be held to the same international standards as the State of Israel?

Continuing its platitude-like nature, the resolution maintains, “The Senate pledges its support for a sustained United States diplomatic initiative to help Israel and Palestine conclude an agreement to end their conflict.” What this agreement entails is unclear. Why would the Democratic Party support this resolution when the only thing certain within it appears to be its vagueness?

The most probable motivation behind Senator Feinstein’s resolution: politics as usual. The bill’s verbiage continues the long-standing tradition of the Obama administration and its cohorts undermining our most important strategic ally: the State of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the bill has zero Republican support, a seemingly welcome sign that there are true friends of the Jewish state in the United States.

In 2012, Senator Feinstein accepted the endorsement of the fringe left-wing Jewish group known as J Street, who raised an estimated $100,000 towards her reelection campaign. J Street has taken controversial stances towards negotiating with Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist group. J Street has also suggested that Israel sit on its hands in regard to the potential for a nuclear Iran.

Secretary of State Kerry’s only recognizable “achievement” thus far was when he forced Israel’s hand in releasing 104 Palestinian terrorists, many of whom have murdered innocent Israeli citizens. Why Senator Feinstein and her colleagues would promote a resolution encouraging this behavior may be difficult to understand, especially for the families of the many that were lost because of the now-freed terrorists’ actions.