Acid Attack Victim Willing to Testify

Acid Attack Victim Willing to Testify

Acid attack Kirstie Trup is ready to return to Zanzibar to testify against her attackers. Her and Katie Gee, both 18-years-old and Jewish, were injured when two men on a moped threw acid on them. Both were volunteering as teachers at St. Monica nursery school for a month.

From The Jewish Chronicle:

Now Ms Trup has said that if the attackers are brought to trial she is willing to return to give evidence. According to her father, Marc: “She has told me she would be prepared to do that.”

But, he added, this time her parents would accompany her.

Mr Trup said his daughter was glad she had had the experience of teaching on the island. “She has no regrets about going there. She loved the place, the people and the children in her care.”

Five men were questioned over the attack and two men were arrested. They are believed to be a part of the radical Islamic group Uamsho, which desires Zanzibar independence from Tanzania.

Chief of Zanzibar Police Mussa Ali Mussa said the suspects were granted bail. They are still questioning witnesses.

British and American media came under attack when they failed to mention the girls are Jewish. This is important because witnesses said the men passed several white tourists before they stopped in front of the girls. This led authorities to believe the attack was planned and not random.