Islamists Burn Statues and Crosses in Syrian Churches

Islamists Burn Statues and Crosses in Syrian Churches

As the war on Christianity continues unabated throughout North Africa and many parts of the Middle East, Islamists are burning statues and crosses in churches in northern Syria. 

AFP reports that fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) went into the Greek Catholic Church of Our Lady of Annunciation in northern Raqa on September 26 and “torched the religious furnishings inside.”

They “did the same at the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs,” also destroying a cross on the tower of the Armenian church and putting the ISIL flag in its place.

ISIL controls most of Raqa and enforces Sharia law on those under its rule.

In addition to the destruction of property, “Christian clerics have been kidnapped and some brutally murdered, by [Islamists].”

AFP reports that Islamists were welcomed into the rebel ranks when the fight to overthrow Bashar al-Assad began, but they have since worn out their welcome due to this type of brutality.

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