Poll: Americans Narrowly Oppose Iran Deal

Poll: Americans Narrowly Oppose Iran Deal

A new poll released by Rasmussen on Wednesday indicates that Americans narrowly oppose the nuclear deal with Iran, 43% to 41%–a result within the 3% margin of error. 

That result contrasts sharply with the results of a poll released by Reuters/Ipsos on Tuesday, which showed that Americans favor the deal, 44% to 22%. 

One reason for the discrepancy may have been the design of the Reuters/Ipsos polls, which informed respondents that “Diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran are substantively improving” before asking their opinions. 

In addition, media coverage of the deal has been less positive as more details of the deal have been released, including the objections of the Israeli government and the triumphalism of the Iranian regime. The Reuters/Ipsos poll began one day earlier than the Reuters poll, though both continued through Nov. 26.