Police Kill Former Soldier Who Threatened Obama, Tried to Rob Banks

Police Kill Former Soldier Who Threatened Obama, Tried to Rob Banks

Former U.S. soldier Mario Edward Garnett threatened the life of President Obama, attempted bank robberies in Atlanta and Mississippi, and was shot dead by police on December 28, after another attempted bank robbery in Phoenix, AZ.

According to the Epoch Times, Garnett “posted threatening comments about President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu on the official White House website in August 2010.”

Garnett was sentenced to eight months for the threats against Obama. Thereafter, he was found to have “violated the terms of his supervised release” and sentenced to 24 months in federal prison. A psychiatric evaluation was recommended.

He was released from the federal prison “about five months ago.”

Upon his release, Garnett allegedly embarked on a spree of attempted bank robberies. The first was in Atlanta on December 23, and the second was in Tupelo, Mississippi, later that same day.

Following the Tupelo robbery, Garnett led police responders into an ambush, killing Officer Gale Stauffer and wounding Officer Joseph Maher.

Five days later, police responding to an attempted bank robbery in Phoenix arrived to see Garnett fleeing the bank with a bag in one hand and a handgun in the other. Garnett began firing on a detective who returned fire, striking the suspect.

Garnett “was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital.”

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