Breitbart News Sunday: On Immigration, Islamization, US Must Learn from Britain's Mistakes

Breitbart News Sunday: On Immigration, Islamization, US Must Learn from Britain's Mistakes

If Americans do not learn the lessons from across the pond on immigration and Islamization, they may soon be regretfully dealing with the same consequences as Britain.

On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 with Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, the founder of Trending Central, one of the UK’s fastest-growing conservative news sites, called into the show from England and spoke from experience on both issues. 

Kassam, whose writings Bannon said readers would see a lot more of in the coming year, is a staunch conservative and no moderate when it comes to politics; however, he urged moderate Muslims in Britain to start standing up to the extremists. He called out the British government and the press as well for not doing so. 

Kassam said Islamists have run sex gangs and advocated the beheading of soldiers while “pretending to represent a majority of British Muslims,” but the nation does not have “moderate British Muslims speaking up against extremists.” 

He also noted that Islamists are making major inroads at “the university level and people are afraid to confront that,” and because the moderates are silent, it is easier for politicians to “stir up anti-Muslim” sentiment. 

Describing his personal background, Kassam said he was raised in a “in a liberal sect of Islam in a Muslim family,” so he was not privy to the strict and fundamentalist aspects of Islam. Nevertheless, he has seen threats come in “thick and fast” against moderates who dare challenge the Islamists. 

He said that for many moderate Muslims in England it is “highly inconvenient to be called ‘Uncle Tom,'” and he noted that he himself is considered an “apostate.” He adds that the “penalty for apostasy is death by the strictest definition” of Islam. Still, Kassam said it will be essential for moderate Muslims and British citizens to not let Islamists hijack the religion and culture. 

When it came to immigration, Kassam noted how wrong the British government under Tony Blair and Jack Straw was when it loosened immigration laws, expecting net migration to Britain from Eastern Europe would be about 13,000 people per year. Kassam said that they merely “got it wrong by a factor of ten,” as more than 130,000 people a year have come into Britain. 

He said the immigration issue is more about jobs and wages, as immigrants put a heavy strain on public services like transportation and the National Health Service. In fact, Kassam said new immigrants have strained Britain’s health system so much that the nation may now charge people for socialized health care. 

Though Britain is vilified by other European nations for starting to consider tougher measures against unchecked immigration, he said, most people in Britain do not “give a hoot what the French or Spanish,” or bureaucrats in Brussels, think because Britain is a net contributor to the European Union. 

Kassam also discussed how the British media, much like the American media, just did not want to discuss the potential consequences of unchecked immigration. He said the BBC is the “last place to look” because the network has admitted to having a “liberal bias” on issues like immigration, Islamization, and climate change. 

However, even the political editor of the liberal network, as Breitbart’s Frances Martel reported, conceded that the network made “terrible mistakes” by failing to allow a fair debate to occur about the potential consequences of unchecked immigration. Kassam also recently penned a piece for Breitbart News examining the BBC’s monumental dereliction of duty on the immigration issue in more detail. 

Kassam also noted that the Independence Party, the British equivalent of the Tea Party, has been gaining traction in local elections because working-class citizens in Britain, even if they may lean center-left, are realizing the enormous strain the massive number of immigrants is causing in their everyday lives. 

In America, Pamela Geller wrote a thorough report for Breitbart News documenting the Islamization of America in 2013 that the mainstream press is ignoring or too afraid to discuss. 

On the immigration front, big-business interests and politicians on both sides of the aisle in the permanent political class have been doubling down to get amnesty for illegal immigrants and the corporations that illicitly hired them passed. The mainstream press and amnesty advocates, much like their counterparts in Britain, have tried to shut down conservatives who oppose this legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of working class Americans, by implying they are racists and bigots. The strain that massive immigration may have on America’s already strained public services and budgets is rarely discussed. 

However, as Kassam discussed with Bannon, these are issues Americans need to take more seriously if they do not want to face the same predicament Britain is facing. 


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