'Pallywood' Fools Mainstream Media, UN, Obama Administration

'Pallywood' Fools Mainstream Media, UN, Obama Administration

Less than two minutes prior to the CCTV footage that captured the death of a teenager, reportedly at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces, a group of Palestinians was seen orchestrating an attempt to fake injuries, doing so in front of the same camera.

Uncovered by Elder of Ziyon blog, the footage, which ends at 1:43 p.m. local time, shows the actors trying to coordinate a scene where an injured Palestinian is loaded onto an ambulance. The same camera picks up where the Palestinian teen is supposedly “shot and killed by the IDF” at 1:45 p.m. local time.

It appears that mainstream media outlets such as CNN and The Guardian did not review the full tape when the one minute of selectively edited CCTV footage documenting the reported murder became available. They accepted the Palestinian narrative as fact. The Guardian had another trick up its sleeve: it claimed the report was true because a Jewish left-wing anti-Israel group, which it called a “human rights” organization, somehow authenticated the footage.

The virulently anti-Israel United Nations said of the initial footage, “The killings may amount to extrajudicial executions under human rights law as well as willful killings under international humanitarian law.”

Even the Obama administration weighed in, demanding Israel investigate the “killing” of the Palestinian teen.

From the beginning, Israel has maintained that its military forces did not use live ammunition, only rubber bullets, to subdue the Palestinian rioters on their “Nakba Day,” many of whom were seen throwing rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers.