Kim Jong Un Infuriated by Inaccurate Weather Forecasts

Kim Jong Un Infuriated by Inaccurate Weather Forecasts

North Korean head of state Kim Jong Un “gave field guidance” to Pyongyang’s Hydro-meteorological service, state-media reports said Wednesday.

The man described by state-media as “first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army,” made the rounds throughout the services’ offices and expressed his concerns.

Kim, who apparently also has expertise in weather forecasting, said there have been too many “incorrect forecasts”, largely because he felt the systems used to predict the weather were not “modern or scientific” enough. Kim said accurate forecast are necessary to “protect the lives and properties of the people from disasters caused by abnormal climatic phenomenon.”

The report includes pictures of the red-faced buddha-belied Kim, who was clearly frustrated by what he saw as incompetency from his forecasting system.

According to the BBC, public criticism of officials during state-media reported visits is a rare occurrence, which last happened in 2012 when Kim was distraught with the operations of a Pyongyang theme park.

North Korea’s state-media ‘confirmed’ in March that Kim won reelection as president with 100% turnout and a 100% approval rating.