ISIS Influence Expands with Saudi and Indonesian Nationals

ISIS Influence Expands with Saudi and Indonesian Nationals

A Saudi national and his partner are suspected of carrying out a suicide bombing in a Hezbollah-dominated area in Beirut’s southern suburbs, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star.

Both the bomber and his partner in crime were members of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) terrorist group. The two men collaborated with a fellow Sunni and Al-Qaeda operative. The Syrian man who helped the two carry out the bombing was a member of Liwa al-Tahweed, an Al-Qaeda offshoot based in Syria.

One source said of the ongoing reign of terror in Lebanon, “They all belong to organizations under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda [that aim] to spread chaos in Lebanon.”

Many have accused the Saudi government of aiding and abetting the Al-Qaeda offshoot terror groups. However, the Saudi Embassy in Beirut released a statement condemning the acts, stating that the terror act violated Muslim values and represented “an assault on the innocent and the holy.”

Separately, an Indonesian general confirmed that at least 56 of his citizens have now joined ISIS. He said, “They did not go directly to Syria or Iraq but to neighboring countries and then they sneaked into Syria and Iraq.”

Indonesia’s national police chief said his intelligence services told him that the new ISIS membership ranged in age from 20 to 30. The young men were from across the country, including East Java, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara, Bengkulu, and Lampung. “Most are from Solo,” he said. The police chief worried the ISIS militants would come back to his country to wreak havoc on Jakarta. “They went there claiming to be students or humanitarian workers to cover their real intentions. So, when they return to Indonesia they will also use illegal means.”