IS Executes Three Females In Mosul, Takes Bodies With Them

IS Executes Three Females In Mosul, Takes Bodies With Them

On September 6, Islamic State (IS) militants executed two female doctors and a female parliamentary candidate in Mosul, then took the bodies with them.

IS also executed three males. 

These are but the latest executions in IS’s continuing practice of killing everyone who refuses to bow the knee to their terror group.

According to Israel National News, “witnesses told AFP that the terrorists broke into the homes of the two female doctors who refused to treat members of their group, as well as the home of a female candidate  who ran unsuccessfully in parliamentary elections for the US-backed Iraqi government.” The IS militants shot all three women and seized their bodies.

IS militants also killed a female doctor two weeks ago when “she refused…to dress ‘modestly’ and cover her face with a traditional Islamic veil.”

Since capturing Mosul on June 10, IS has demonstrated a pattern of killing those who refuse to pledge allegiance to them. This includes clerics whom IS viewed as too “moderate” and Iraqi soldiers who have been captured and executed en masse since Mosul’s fall. 

On August 28 Breitbart News reported that IS militants captured approximately 250 Syrian soldiers, forced them to strip, then marched them into the desert where they too were executed. 

With females, those that are not executed are often taken as “slaves.” For example, on August 13 Breitbart News reported that IS militants abducted over 500 girls, women after capturing Shingal. 

Rudaw reported the women were chosen based on their youth and beauty. These were loaded into trucks and taken out of town. Meanwhile, older women were shot in the street. 

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