Report: ISIS Purges Kurdish Jihadists Who Refuse to Attack Kurds in Syria

Report: ISIS Purges Kurdish Jihadists Who Refuse to Attack Kurds in Syria

The Islamic State has reportedly massacred dozens of Kurdish members of their group because the men refused to extend their participation in jihad to the ethnic cleansing of Kurds in Syria. The jihadists are moving towards the north to capture strategic northern towns such as Kobane.

One source said over 40 Kurdish members were executed 19 miles south of Qamishlo, the largest Kurdish town in Syria. The Kurdish members allegedly “objected to the killing of innocent villagers and looting their homes.”

The Islamic State targeted Kurds in Iraq as well. In early September, the jihadists accused five Kurdish members of being spies for Kurdistan’s Peshmerga. The men were executed.

“The escalation in the fighting between Peshmerga forces and ISIS in the areas around Mosul, and the intense bombardment by American aircraft of the group’s positions in Mosul, have led to suspicions that Kurdish fighters leaked information to Kurdish security forces,” said Ministry of Endowments spokesman Marwan Naqshabandi. “According to information we received, the group executed five Kurdish men who joined [ISIS] three months ago, on charges of treason and helping the Peshmerga and the American air force identify specific targets of the group.”

Over 100 young men joined the Islamic State since 2014. The terrorist group prevents all Kurdish members from “meeting each other or speaking Kurdish.” Naqshabandi also said over 65 of the Kurds surrendered to Kurdish security forces. Some of the men were released on bail, but others are still waiting to be interrogated.

The government of Turkey reported between 45,000-60,000 Syrian refugees crossed the border over the weekend to escape the Islamic State. The majority are from the Kurdish town of Kobane. If Kobane is captured, the jihadists will be in “control of a large strip of Syria’s northern border with Turkey.”


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