ISIS Media Outlet Instructs Wives on How to Better Support Jihadi Husbands

ISIS Media Outlet Instructs Wives on How to Better Support Jihadi Husbands

A new Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet, called the Zora Foundation, is reportedly dedicated to advising jihadists’ wives on how to become better spouses for their militant husbands.

The slogan of the Zora Foundation is “preparing for the honour of jihad,” The Independent reported. The new media wing of the Islamic State has gathered almost 3,000 followers on Twitter since surfacing a couple weeks ago. The Zora Foundation “follows” just two pages: “sister Mujahideen” and “(Islamic) State Commandos.”

al-Zora Foundation Twitter

Some of the recent posts on the Zora Foundation feed, translated from Arabic, read: “A Healthy and High Energy Snack for the Mujahideen (people doing jihad) with Dates and Whole Grain Millet Flour,” “Announcing an upcoming Series of Recipes,” “A Message to the Wives and Mothers of the Mujahideen and Martyrs,” and “An Important Article for Sisters.”

The recipe for the “High Energy Snack” illustrates the meal’s purpose as “a quick, light recipe that should be taken with coffee and will replenish the Mujahideen. Or it can be taken with water and is especially good in between battles. They contain many calories, and will prolong the strength and power of the Mujahid.”

Additionally, the Zora Foundation posted a video on YouTube that showcases how women can help their jihadi husbands through “feminine manual labor.” The video shows images of a sewing machine, first aid kit, refrigerator, microwave, and gas stove.