What Islamophobia? #Illridewithyou Tops Global Trend

What Islamophobia? #Illridewithyou Tops Global Trend

If the irrational fear of Muslims–“Islamophobia”–is a significant problem in the wake of widespread Islamist terror attacks against non-Muslims, the evidence is somewhat lacking. As a potential terror attack and hostage crisis unfolded in Sydney, Australia, the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide is “#illridewithyou”–a hashtag created to demonstrate solidarity with Muslims supposedly under greater threat than the hostages.

Certainly that sentiment is admirable. Yet it is striking that more people should choose to express solidarity with the supposed co-religionists of the alleged attacker than with the people trapped inside the Lindt café in fear of their lives. 

Meanwhile, crimes against Jews, not Muslims, continue to be more likely victims of hate crimes in the U.S. and elsewhere. 

It is worth asking whether political correctness, not real fear of Islamophobia, is at work.

Image: Carly Ward/Twitter

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