Libya Bans All Palestinians, Syrians From Entry


The government of Libya, desperately attempting to stabilize a state that is in the midst of a brutal civil war, has banned all Palestinians, Sudanese, and Syrian nationals from entering their country.

An Arabic news network said the Libyan government worries that too many individuals from the aforementioned countries belonged to jihadist groups who had a presence in their country. Additionally, Malta residents must receive a security clearance before being granted access inside Libya, according to the report.

Kuwait’s Kuna news agency said Libyan interior minister Omar al-Sanki was in charge of making the official decision on the matter. Sanki told Kuna that he made the decision after doing a thorough investigation on the individuals fighting in his country on behalf of armed groups.

A spokesperson from the Information Office at Libya’s Ministry of the Interior told Bawabat Al-Wasat: “The decision, which will be valid from now until further notice, will be implemented across all land, sea, and air ports.” The Office added, “the decision came after the ministry obtained information about participation of some of these nationals in terrorist groups in Benghazi and the cities of western Libya, in acts of violence against the army and the police.”

Libya is currently in a state of de facto civil war, and it remains unclear if its government even has the capability to enforce its border restrictions.