Muslim Brotherhood Followers Praise Paris Jihadi Massacre

On Wednesday, the official Twitter page of the Muslim Brotherhood, …

On Wednesday, the official Twitter page of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwanweb, condemned the jihadi attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris. Its sentiments were not shared by followers of the Muslim Brotherhood page, whose reactions to the statement ranged from approval of the attacks to disappointment towards the Brotherhood for posting its condemnation.

One Twitter user named Ahmad Hassan expressed disappointment with the MB for condemning the attack. He wrote, “why should u condemn. when u insult religion u will get this #islam name of revenge.”

Another user, Khaled Elhosseiny, was angry that the Brotherhood posted the Tweet. He tweeted to Ikhwanweb, “how many times I told u that whatever you do they don’t like you, You don’t have to apologize 4 every shity act happens anywhere.”

Adeel Rehman asked the Brotherhood whether they also “condemn” the “abuser of Prophet” (Muhammad).

Another individual Tweeted that the journalists deserved to die. He wrote,“They attacked the Prophet and should be killed them.”

Although the Muslim Brotherhood Twitter page condemned the attack, the organization has established connections to jihadist groups, and has frequently promoted murderous acts across the globe. Terrorist groups such as Gaza-based Hamas and Sinai-based Ansar Bayt Al Maqdis (now part of the Islamic State) have long been alleged as armed wings of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Additionally, Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna, called for violence against those who insult the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.