Female French Deli Attacker May Appear in New ISIS Video

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Islamic State Videos

The most wanted woman in France may be working with ISIS now!

The video, “Blow Up France 2” in French, calls upon French Muslims to “defect from the French Republic and take up arms in the new Caliphate.”

Six masked men in black holding weapons are standing. There is only one armed, masked woman wearing camouflage clothing who is standing with them in the video; she stands in the front row. This suggests that the woman is especially honored and important. Hayat Boumeddiene, the wife of Amedy Coulibaly, who orchestrated an attack on a Kosher deli in Paris in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders, would meet that requirement.

In addition, when Coulibaly’s name is mentioned as a martyr, for a brief moment, the woman lowers her head and seems to be reacting emotionally.

The video taunts and warns the French. According to the Daily Mail translation of the video, the speaker states: “If you fight for democracy, we will fight for Islam…you took our rights. Therefore, you can’t expect to be in peace.” He continues:

Kill a cop with a knife, take his gun, with his gun kill a soldier, with his shotgun throw yourself in the way of your God.

Boumeddiene quietly slipped out of the country and out of sight. She was known to have entered Turkey and was thought to be on her way to Syria. Boumeddiene is considered a co-conspirator in the murder of a French policeman and in the attack on the Parisian Jews.

Boumeddiene is now 26 years old. Was she influenced by her husband, or had she rejected Western values and embraced bloody Jihad on her own long before her marriage?

When she was six years old, Boumeddiene’s mother died and she was put into foster care. Her father had eight children and worked as a delivery driver. She was “troubled” and badly behaved, but was also traumatized when one of her friends was shot in the back five times by the French police as they were caught attempting to steal motorbikes.

According to The Guardian, “Le Monde reported that she had been in a relationship with Coulibaly since 2010 and had met him outside prison last spring when he was released after a four-year sentence. Coulibaly had been living with Boumedienne at her home since he left prison. Boumedienne was interviewed by counter-terrorism police in 2010. Le Monde reported she had told police that during a visit to Beghal in Murat, in the Cantal countryside in central France, they had practised firing crossbows.”

Muslim women who become human homicide bombs and Jihadists are sometimes mentally ill or mentally incompetent; some have committed a sin, are threatened with being exposed and honor killed—but are also given a path-of-glory instead: Blow yourself and others up and you will have cleansed your shame and helped your family.

However, there are also female True Believers, like British-born convert Yvonne Ridley, American-born convert Maryam Jameelah, and perhaps Katherine Russell, the wife of the Boston Bomber, who continues to wear hijab and who has not spoken out against her husband or brother-in-law.

Hayat Boumeddiene remains a shadowy figure. The most frequent photo of her shows us a very sad young woman—but there is also a photo, ostensibly of her, wearing heavy hijab and niqab, and aiming a cross-bow at the camera. Her hand is very steady.


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