Australian Foreign Minister Gives Interview Entirely in Emojis

Julie Bishop Reuters

Already known for populating her twitter feed with the pocket-sized digital cartoons, Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has given a light-hearted interview responding only in ‘Emojis’, the popular Japanese ideograms.

Although the interview with youth-orientated media network Buzzfeed was clearly not going to broach any of the heavy political subjects of the day, the somewhat ambiguous nature of some of the picture-replies has given rise to some amusement and comment. Asked whether she wanted to replace Tony Abbott as Australian prime minister, her chosen emoji was somewhat ambiguous, displaying either a poker face, ennui, or disgust, depending on interpretation.Julie Bishop Abbott

Bishop’s response to being asked whether she supported gay marriage, a policy she had previously voted against, Bishop was non-committal, posting an image off a pair of hands facing palm out, as if shrugging the question offf. Buzzfeed decided to interpret the gesture as “Jazz Hands”.

On her greatest weakness, Bishop struck a lighter note, replying with mini-images of doughnuts and high-heeled shoes.