Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Military Intervention Does Not Make Americans Less Safe


WASHINGTON, DC — Dr. Sebastian Gorka, national security editor for Breitbart News, passionately argued against Libertarian Gary Johnson’s notion that Americans are less safe because of U.S. military intervention.

Dr. Gorka and former New Mexico Republican Gov. Johnson ardently argued their position during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday.

“This is the only nation in the world that was founded on the principles of liberty,” loudly proclaimed Dr. Gorka and the majority of the attendees cheered.

“Our model of free market and democracy has raised countless millions from poverty and dictatorship,” he said, later emphasizing, “We’re not the problem!”

Dr. Gorka, who also serves as the Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, spoke during a CPAC panel entitled, “Lowering the Boom: When to Stand Up to Rogue Nations.”

During the panel, Johnson who ran as the Libertarian Party nominee for president in 2012,, argued that “the world is less safe today because of the unintended consequence of U.S. military actions.”

Had the U.S. not taken military action in other countries, America would not be facing threats from jihadists, claimed Johnson.

Johnson indicated that the U.S. is to blame for its own problems.

“We’re not less safe today because of intervention, we are less safe because both the Bush administration and this administration have no idea what the nature of the enemy is. That’s the problem,” concluded Dr. Gorka who said he was proud to call himself an American.

He highlighted the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) as an existential threat against the U.S. and the world that needs to be dealt with.

Dr. Gorka explained that what makes ISIS special is that it is a “true insurgency” and “not just a terrorist group,” later adding that “ISIS now holds territory in excess of the land mass of Great Britain…It is a proto-state.”

The U.S. must focus on targeting ISIS ideology in order to defeat the jihadist group, according to Dr. Gorka.

ISIS is both “the richest threat group in modern history,” and ”the most successful jihadist group in terms of recruitment,” he said.

The terrorist organization is carrying out “a genocide against Christians on our watch,” added Dr. Gorka.


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