ISIS Demands Extreme ‘Departure Taxes’ from Disillusioned Civilians


ISIS now charges high “departure taxes” on territory they control, requiring civilians to sign over the title to a car or a family home in order to leave for only two weeks.

ISIS imposed the taxes for fear that “the city might simply empty of civilians.” By signing titles over to the terrorist group, residents of Mosul agree to forfeit their cars or homes if they do not return in the time frame ISIS demands.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, a couple who was just married and wants to “escape” Mosul is shocked at the fees and property they have to sacrifice simply to get out of the city.

The anonymous 29-year-old groom said, “Do they really want me to give up the house my father spent years building to an Afghan or Chechen or to an Iraqi villager so that I can leave for good? They are dreaming.”

The wife added that she had wanted a big wedding, “with the traditional honking motorcade taking the bride from her father’s home to the social hall for a celebration packed with friends and relatives.” But they hosted a very modest ceremony to avoid drawing the attention of ISIS leaders.

Mosul fell to ISIS on June 10, 2014. Breitbart News reported that just days later, on June 14, ISIS executed 13 clerics in Mosul who refused to pledge allegiance to the terror group.

In September, Breitbart New reported that ISIS executed three females in Mosul, two of whom were doctors and one a parliamentary candidate. They also executed three males.

The doctors were executed for refusing to treat wounded ISIS fighters, the others for refusing to pledge allegiance to the ISIS regime.

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