Top Iranian Commander Boasts of Dominating Jordan


In a youth conference in Tehran, Iran’s top military commanders assured the crowd that Jordan would soon be controlled by the mullahs, as they have already spread their malevolent influence into Iraq and Lebanon with terrorist forces, Haaretz reports.

The Iranian military official in question was Qassem Soleimani, who heads the Quds Force–the dirty-tricks terrorist wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which had such a bloody hand in the murder of American troops during the Iraqi insurgency. He also took second place in the latest Man of the Year poll by Iranian media, in case you hear any Obama spinners attempt to claim the Quds Force is some kind of rogue outfit that does not reflect the regime’s current attitude.

What Soleimani discussed in his address to the “youth conference” is the grand strategy of all state-sponsored terrorism: the use of war-crime means to arrange an endgame in which the regime wins global political legitimacy. According to Haaretz:

The Iranian Student News Agency quoted Soleimani as saying that Iran has a presence in Lebanon and Iraq and that both countries are yielding to Iranian interests. He added that Iran has the ability to control Jordan in the same way. Soleimani said the revolutions in the Arab world are slowly taking on a Muslim tone, similar to Iran’s Islamic revolution, and that Tehran should provide aid and guidance to these revolutions.

The Iranian government announced Tuesday it will continue to refuse to agree to U.N. demands for snap inspections at its nuclear sites, declaring such inspections to be “illegal.”  The Obama administration, nonetheless, appears willing to continue negotiating, putting the region in deeper danger.


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