ISIS Suicide Bomber Blown Sky-High by Kurdish Fighters

Suicide Bombers
YouTube/Tim Anders

One of the most amazing videos to emerge from the Kurds’ battle against ISIS is this footage, uploaded to Liveleak by a Kurdish activist, depicts an ISIS suicide car bomber getting blown sky-high by what appears to be the premature detonation of his explosive payload:

The entire car is flung end-over-end into the sky before it explodes, as spotlighted by this screen capture from the UK Telegraph:


The Telegraph mentions a variety of theories about what happened here, including the initial explosion being caused by a landmine, rocket, or artillery shell, or possibly a failure in the detonation system for the Islamic State suicide bomb. It is even possible that “a major explosive device detonated early, taking a passing car with it, which then exploded due to the fuel in its tank,” although the Kurds were fairly confident their footage shows an ISIS bomber kissing the sky.

Israel National News says the footage was taken on April 12, south of Kirkuk in Iraq, and involved the Islamic State’s attempt to take out a Kurdish checkpoint with a truck bomb.