Iran: Obama Speech Meant to ‘Calm’ Domestic Audience of ‘Zionists’

Rouhani and President Obama

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Iranians on Thursday to dismiss President Obama’s speech on the Iranian nuclear deal, for it was intended for a domestic audience of “Zionists” that needed to be “calmed.”

Haaretz summarizes Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s remarks:

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday described U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech on the recent nuclear deal with the international community as irrelevant and merely for a domestic audience, which he said included addressing “Zionist” fears.

Iran is also not responsible for the crises in the region and the spread of terrorism; rather it is the indiscriminate Middle East policies of the United States and its allies that bear the responsibility, Zarif said in response to Obama’s speech.

“Therefore the president’s speech was more directed at a domestic audience and the critics in his own country, and especially at calming the Zionists,” Zarif said in his statement.

“The claim that the deal has blocked Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb is a renewed attempt to prove the absurdity of the topic,” he said, adding that Iran never wanted to build a nuclear bomb and will never want to build one.

This is especially ironic given Obama’s despicable ploy of accusing American critics of making “common cause” with the “hardliners” of Iran. The very “hardline” thugs he views as reasonable moderates are not shy about portraying Obama as their junior partner, doing whatever it takes to serve Tehran’s interests against those rascally “Zionists.”

Obama gives a foolish, blustery speech in which he thunders that his deal has blocked Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb forever; within a matter of hours, Iran announces that Obama’s claims on their behalf are “absurd.”

For good measure, Zarif – the foreign minister of the planet’s paramount sponsor of international terrorism – accused the United States and Israel of fomenting terrorism, according to a translation from the Trend news agency: “The experience of past years indicates that the wrong policy and proceedings of the US and their allies, like the Zionist regime (Israel), have caused expansion of terrorism, instability and extremism in the region (Middle East), which has resulted in nothing but wars, destruction and extremism.”

Iran loves that talking point about how all previous U.S. Administrations have misunderstood or slandered it. There are many ways to diplomatically press that line while flattering Obama’s ego, saluting him as the first American President who really “gets” the peace-loving, responsible regime in Tehran. Instead, they push their talking point in the most aggressive and insulting way possible, counting coup on their triumph over every critic. The Obama Administration can only hope more Americans don’t hear what Iran has to say.