Report: Iraq’s Military Intel Chief Says ISIS-Linked Terror Cell Arrested in Baghdad


A six-member terror cell with suspected ties to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) was apprehended in Baghdad, the chief of Iraq’s military intelligence agency reportedly said in a statement.

The suspected ISIS jihadist “are from Diyala province and had received training in insurgent tactics in the Baghdad neighborhoods of Rashidiya and Hossenya,” the intelligence agency revealed, Rudaw reports.

In its statement, the agency reportedly added that the ISIS-linked suspects “confessed to several crimes, especially killing civilians through bombings and improvised explosive devices [IEDs].”

The arrests led Iraqi intelligence and security authorities to several ISIS weapons caches, notes Rudaw.

On July 30, Kuwait announced that its security agencies had captured a five-member terrorist cell with links to Mosul-based ISIS terrorists. Mosul is located about 250 miles north of Baghdad.

“The terrorists confessed to receiving courses in the science of terrorist organization, deviant radical ideology and advanced training in using military weapons, in both Syria and Iraq. The terrorists have taken part in Jihadi activity and fighting in both Syria and Iraq,” Kuwait’s ministry of Interior said in a statement last Thursday, according to Rudaw.

All five terror cell members are Kuwaitis and one was killed in Iraq, the statement revealed.

“On June 26, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in al-Imam al- Sadiq mosque, in Kuwait city, killing 27 people and wounding 227,” noted Rudaw.


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