French Senator to CNN: Paris Terror Leader is ‘F*cking Bastard’

Nathalie Goblet with Amanpour (CNN / Screenshot)
CNN / Screenshot

A French senator told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on live TV Wednesday that the man behind the Paris terror attacks is a “fucking bastard.”

Nathalie Goulet, who is a member of the centrist Union of Democrats and Independents and represents the French region of Orne, was asked to describe her “gut feeling” about Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind behind the attacks, who was reportedly killed in an early morning raid by French military and law enforcement forces in the suburb of Saint-Denis.

The interview was carried on CNN International and not the basic American CNN feed.

Amanpour seemed taken aback. The full exchange is below (transcript follows video):

Amanpour:  As we showed that report and showed those pictures of Abbaoud, who is the most wanted man in the world right now, what is your gut feeling when you see his face?

Goblet: I think “fucking bastard” is appropriate. Bastard, OK. It’s terrible, we–we, you know, we are so angry and sad. We–we, you know, they are not human. It’s terrible.


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