Europe’s Donald Trump: ‘Stop Migration’ Gains Traction


From Ishaan Tharoor writing at the Washington Post:

In the wake of a spate of New Year’s Eve assaults in European cities, some leaders have reiterated their tough stance on stopping the flow of migrants into the continent.

As The Washington Post’s Anthony Faiola writes, authorities in Germany, Finland and Sweden implicated suspected asylum seekers from countries in the Middle East in the incidents, which included a rape as well as numerous reports of harassment and groping of women in the streets of Cologne and other northern European cities.

The events of New Year’s Eve, reports Faiola, have deepened “a strain of public outrage, prompting calls for new steps and threatening to ignite a new wave of anti-refugee sentiment in Europe.”

Most conspicuous among the voices opposed to migrants were those of a few Eastern European leaders, who have consistently spoken against the need to accommodate refugees since an unprecedented influx reached the European Union’s borders last year. A good number of the arrivals were men, women and children fleeing the conflict in Syria.

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