Breitbart’s Klein: Ex-Obama Official Ignorant of Iran Deal She Helped Negotiate  

Wendy Sherman

TEL AVIV – Speaking on John Batchelor’s popular nighttime radio program, Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein took issue with former State Department senior official Wendy Sherman’s claim that the international nuclear agreement commits Iran “never to obtain a nuclear weapon, ever.”

Sherman, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, helped negotiate the historic accord with Tehran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

In an address to the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Sherman claimed the nuclear agreement commits Iran “never to obtain a nuclear weapon, ever, and should they try, all our options remain – all of them.”

Klein responded:

“I guess Wendy Sherman doesn’t know the provision of the deal that she actually negotiated, seeing as though after ten years the number of centrifuges that Iran is allowed to have and some restrictions there on the advanced centrifuges go away. And after 15 years, the amount of low-enriched uranium is increased again.

“The Israeli government is kind of shrugging their shoulders at her statements … but it’s very curious that she makes these statements, as Iran violated some sections of the deal already, including testing ballistic missiles, which should have been met with a larger response.”

Click below to listen to Klein’s segment on John Batchelor’s show.

In October, Iran defied a UN ban by testing a precision-guided ballistic missile reportedly capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

In response, as the US lifted major sanctions on Iran earlier this week, the Obama administration imposed specific sanctions against 11 people and companies involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Klein scoffed, “I don’t think that Iran is really so nervous about sanctions that are lobbed on a few personalities in the ballistic missile program that … I don’t think they have such great stock portfolios that they have to worry about.”

During the interview with Batchelor, Klein also discussed Iran’s financial backing for Gaza-based terrorist groups and attempts by the Iran-directed Hezbollah militia to set up terrorist cells in the West Bank.


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