Afghanistan: Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Married to Man Three Times Her Age


An Afghan family has asked for help finding their ten-year-old daughter after a group of men kidnapped her four months ago.

The group broke into their home, located in the Najrab district in Kapisa, and took their daughter. They allegedly married her to a 30-year-old man in Durnama, also located in Kapisa.

“Armed men tied our hands and [covered] our eyes and we were scared a lot, for Allah’s sake bring back my daughter,” explained her mother.

The family claims they have asked for help and “submitted many complaints.” No one has provided any help.

“We ask President [Ashraf] Ghani to address our problem,” pleaded her father. “Otherwise we will set ourselves on fire because we don’t have anyone,” pleaded her father.

Shir Ahmad Hoshmand, the director general for crime investigation, told the media that “the incident is a family matter and efforts are underway to resolve the matter.” But the police chief admitted two illegal armed groups exist in Durnama, which makes it “difficult for the police to control the area.”

Media have reported numerous instances of kidnappings, child brides, and pedophilia in Afghanistan. Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland faces discipline because he confronted an Afghan local police (ALP) commander accused of raping a 12-year-old boy. Fox News reports:

The 2011 incident occurred at the remote outpost where Martland was stationed. The boy and his mother showed up at camp, and the boy showed the Green Berets where his hands had been tied. A medic took him to a back room for an examination with an interpreter, who told them the boy had been raped by a man identified as Afghani Police commander Abdul Rahman.

Rahman allegedly beat the boy’s mother for reporting the crime after learning that they went to the Army outpost. This led Martland and team leader Daniel Quinn to confront Rahman.

Martland faces discharge, but the army delayed the decision until May 1.

In April 2014, CNN published a story about a father who sold his six-year-old daughter into marriage to pay off a debt. With help from U.S. lawyer Kimberley Motley, the father paid off his debt and rescued his daughter.

Community elders forced Fereshteh to marry at age 12 after her “brother eloped with a cousin to marry for love.” She said they saw her as “a gift to the enemy” in order “to alleviate his family’s shame.” Her brother “convinced the police to step in and remove her.” Authorities finalized her divorce.

“I just want to go to school,” she said. “My advice to parents is not to marry off their children. They should ask their children what they want.”