Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Jihad: ‘The Front Line Is When You Leave Your House in the Morning’

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Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Thursday night to talk about the massacre in Nice, and the role terrorism plays in the Islamist drive for global supremacy.

Hannity noted that radical Islamists have been telegraphing mass-casualty attacks using vehicles as weapons for a very long time. He asked if people in the West would ever “wake up” to the ISIS caliphate’s determination to impose Islamic law on the entire world.

“I think you do, Sean. I think Fox viewers understand it. The military that I have the honor of working with, and the FBI agents that I work with, they get it. That’s not the problem,” said Gorka. “The problem is the decision-makers, the people sitting in the White House, the National Security Council, Jeh Johnson, the Attorney General. I mean, what is the President going to do tomorrow? Is he going to ban trucks in America? Because that’s what he said after Orlando and San Bernardino, we have to ban semi-automatic rifles.”

“This is the absurd situation: we have a political elite in fantasy land, and we have you, your viewers, your family, my family, living in the world of the caliphate expanding and taking its war to America – and to our allies,” he said.

Hannity noted that the precise method of attack used by the truck-driving terrorist in Nice was described in al Qaeda’s magazine Inspire fully six years ago, and yet the Western world doesn’t seem to have heeded the warning.

“This is exactly why I wrote Defeating Jihad. I want to send a very clear message to all Americans: you are on the front line of this war,” Gorka said. “It’s not just the people who wear the cloth of the Republic, or who carry a badge or a gun. It’s the soccer moms at the soccer game. It’s the people picking up their groceries at the grocery store. It’s those American kids in a concert, an American concert, in downtown Paris, or at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.”

“There is no front line in this war. The front line is when you leave your house in the morning – that’s the front line,” he warned. “This is the reality. The enemy has a plan. The enemy is dedicated. And I know one thing, Sean, and you know this as well as I do: if the political correctness continues, we will see attacks like this in America. They will continue to bring the jihad to our shores.”

Gorka observed that “we have now killed or arrested 107 ISIS individuals on U.S. soil since the caliphate was declared.”

“Without a doubt, this election, November, will not be about pocketbooks. It won’t be about ObamaCare, or tax rates. It’s going to be about innocent people being mowed down, as they have been in America, and in Europe. It’s going to be a national security election, and what are the American people going to want more and more,” he said.

“Just look at Donald Trump’s figures in the last ten days. His figures are increasing, because he says, ‘I’m going to be a law-and-order candidate, and I’m going to fight a war.’ He’s explicit – this is a war. This isn’t ‘violent extremism,’ as the Obama Administration would have you believe. It’s not about ‘jobs for jihadis.’ It’s about crushing a global conspiracy that wants to enslave or murder us. And people are ready – after seven years, they’re ready for leadership.”

Gorka said he gets a lot of grief for subtitling his book The Winnable War, but he insisted “it is winnable, if we have American leadership.”

“To win a war, you need two requirements,” he elaborated. “Number One, you have to admit you’re in a war – which this Administration doesn’t. And secondly, you have to want to win. And again, if you look at the decisions in Iraq, the decisions in Libya, in Syria, with Iran, it is not about winning. The President has said that global warming is the primary threat to America. Well, I’d like somebody in a press conference tomorrow to ask him if he still thinks it’s global warming that endangers the American citizen.”

Gorka said that if “common sense had any role to play,” the Nice attack would cause Europe to rethink its immigration policies.

“I think that Brexit is an indication of the average person saying, enough is enough,” he said, pointing out that in Nice, “within walking distance of the promenade where the attack occurred,” there lies “an area that does not have full sovereign control by the federal authorities.”

“This should make everybody wake up – I’ve been told, by a very reliable source, that of 2,000 refugees we’ve let into the country recently from the war zones of the Middle East, once they are given refugee status, and turned over to the charities that house them and give them addresses, the federal authorities are not allowed to know the address of where they’re living, because that impinges upon their privacy rights,” Gorka said. “It’s insanity.”

Hannity asked how it was possible to win the war against radical Islamic terrorism without “politics getting in the way and stopping victory.”

“We can’t,” Gorka replied. “If we allow politics into the threat assessment or national security, we will continue to lose.”

He called upon the U.S. government to stop concealing the stakes in the war against Islamic extremism. “We need the leadership in D.C. to say, look, if we don’t win this war, your children may be targeted.”


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