Iraq Sentences Dozens of Foreign Islamic State Brides to Death

French national Djamila Boutoutaou stands trial in a Baghdad court on April 17, 2018
AFP Ammar Karim

A court in Baghdad, Iraq, sentenced dozens of women married to or widowed by members of the Islamic State (ISIS) to death or life in prison in a mass trial this week.

The Guardian reported that at least 40 women were sentenced to death and approximately 300 people total sentenced to death so far in the country for having ties to the Islamic State.

The women reportedly had ten minutes to beg for their lives before judges passed his sentence upon them, according to the Daily Mail.

The women will be executed in Iraq.

One of the ISIS brides is a French citizen named Djamila Boutoutao, 29. She reportedly appeared in court last month and said, “I thought I had married a rapper.” Boutoutao reportedly added, “It was only when we arrived in Turkey for a week-long ‘holiday’ that I discovered my husband was a jihadist.”

The majority of women sentenced are reportedly widows and the sole caregivers left for the small children born to terrorist fathers.

Many of the women pleaded with the court on the basis that they were not aware their significant others were jihadists.

Many of the brides traveled from Europe and a few came from the United States.

The executions will be the latest in a series of such sentences in the aftermath of the fall of Mosul, the Islamic State “capital” in Iraq. In February, a 48-year-old Turkish woman was sentenced to death for willingly traveling to Iraq with her husband and their children to serve with the Islamic State. Another 11 other foreign widows were reportedly sentenced to life in jail for their involvement with the Islamic State.

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