Alligator removed from highway on-ramp in South Carolina

April 25 (UPI) — Police and wildlife trappers were called to a South Carolina highway Wednesday morning to remove a large alligator that wandered onto an on-ramp.

North Charleston police said officers responded to a 3:50 a.m. call about a 6-foot alligator on an Interstate 526 on-ramp in the city.

Video captured at the scene shows professional trappers wrangling the gator out of the road and capturing it.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said the alligator may have been searching for a mate.

“Now is the season when male alligators are on the move as they search for new territory and mates,” SCDNR spokeswoman Erin Weeks told WCSC-TV. “So it’s not uncommon for these animals to move through developed areas.”

An alligator caused similar traffic issues earlier this month on Interstate 295 in Jacksonville, Fla., when it wandered out onto the busy roadway before being escorted to a nearby grassy area.