Atlanta Hawks fan wins a new car after skills competition

April 6 (UPI) — A young Atlanta Hawks fan won a new car recently after dominating a skill competition.

The fan — named Mark — wore a Dennis Schroder jersey during the competition. He had to complete a skills obstacle course in the fastest time, but had to go last.

“Now Mark, some say they save the best for last,” the Hawks’ halftime host said. “Is that the case?”

“Yeah, that’s the case,” he responded.

Mark began the contest by making a layup. He then did a weaving dribble through around some obstacles, before bouncing a pass into two separate obstacles with holes and nets. Mark took two attempts to make a jump shot from the free throw line, before bouncing in another pass and doing another dribbling drill. He finished the contest with a layup, clocking a time of 26.6 seconds for a victory.

Mark won a Kia Stinger for his effort. The car retails for about $32,000.

The Hawks lost 115-86 to the Miami Heat Wednesday at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

The franchise has an abundance of promotions this year regarding basketball skills. Hawks fans have hit half court shots and won $10,000 on three separate occasions this season. The team also has a promotion where it lets fans face off against street ball legend “Hot Sauce.”