Cougar filmed looking into Oregon home’s window

Cougar filmed looking into Oregon home's window

March 30 (UPI) — An Oregon woman shared video of an unusual visitor to her back yard — a mountain lion suspected of killing a deer nearby.

Mia Gaskin posted a video to Facebook showing the cougar staring down the iPhone camera as it recorded the animal through a window at Gaskin’s Ashland home.

Gaskin’s husband, Ben, said the video was filmed by some visitors from out of town. He said the cougar is believed to be responsible for the recent deer of a cougar in his front yard.

Mia Gaskin urged neighbors to “keep a close eye on your little ones and pets!!”

Residents said they weren’t particularly worried about the cougar.

“It’s important to co-exist with them and realize we’re in their territory,” neighbor Wes Mann told the Ashland Daily Tidings. “I would hope they wouldn’t have to be destroyed.”

Steve Niemela, a wildlife biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, said cougars are not relocated in the state because they are very territorial and relocating them could cause a severe shock to their system and spread diseases to new areas.

“Oregon has never had a confirmed attack on a person [by a cougar]. Colorado and California have. We have a good safety record,” Niemela said, “but I would hesitate to predict what any wildlife would do.”