Den of snakes slither out of dead tree in Florida

May 9 (UPI) — A woman taking video of a snake slithering out of a dead tree captured the moment an entire den of serpents followed after it.

The video, filmed in the Twin Rivers area of Oviedo, shows a snake slithering out of a dead tree seconds before a second snake appears.

The second snake is followed by several others falling from the branches.

The woman said she removed the audio from the video because she was screaming so loudly.

“I apologize to Twin Rivers and all surrounding areas. If you heard a young woman yelling in terror, don’t be alarmed, it was just me panicking over this pile of snakes,” she wrote. “This was not Photoshopped for attention.”

The woman said her father shook the tree and discovered at least one more snake was still hiding inside it.

The species of snake depicted in the video was unclear, but experts said there are at least 30 species known to inhabit the central Florida area, including some venomous varieties.