Family rescues dog from attacking mountain lion

April 2 (UPI) — A Colorado family rescued their dog from attacking mountain lion and part of the tense encounter was caught on security cameras.

The family shared security camera footage from the incident outside their Nederland house, where the homeowner said his daughter was the first to spot the cougar and called for family members to “grab the flashlight,” which they use to flash in the eyes of mountain lions to drive them away.

The homeowner said he and his son-in-law ran outside to help the family dog.

“The mountain lion and our dog had tumbled behind one of the cars and we yelled and banged the shovel behind them,” the man wrote. “I then blinded the cougar with a bright, strobing flashlight, it looked up and the dog got away and ran onto the porch, followed closely by my son-in-law with the shovel.”

The mountain lion can be seen slinking away at the end of the video. The homeowner said the dog suffered multiple puncture wounds, bites and scrapes, but none of the injuries were severe.