Michael B. Jordan questions book burning in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trailer

Michael B. Jordan questions book burning in 'Fahrenheit 451' trailer

April 6 (UPI) — Michael B. Jordan begins to question why firemen are tasked with burning books in the latest trailer for HBO’s upcoming film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

Jordan, as Guy Montag, is a young fireman who explains to schoolchildren the importance of his job and the evils of books in the clip, released Thursday.

“We burned almost every physical book in the country. So by the time you guys grow up, there won’t be one book left,” he says.

Jordan, who is under the tutelage of fire captain Beatty (Michael Shannon), then starts to struggle with his role as a book burner and meets with a secret group of bookkeepers who task him with an important mission.

“We were not born equal. We must be made equal by the fire… and then we can be happy,” Shannon tells Jordan after he asks him why they burn books.

Fahrenheit 451, based on the classic 1953 Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, is set to debut on HBO on May 19. Sofia Boutella, Lilly Singh, Laura Harrier, and Martin Donovan also star in the film from director Ramin Bahrani.