Missouri police in standoff went to wrong house

March 8 (UPI) — Missouri police were sent to the wrong address earlier this week when responding to a 911 call that led to a the fatal shooting of an officer and suspect inside the residence, Missouri Highway Patrol said.

Local officers responded to a residence in Clinton, Mo., after hearing two women screaming in the background of a 911 call.

There, an armed suspect allegedly fired at officers from inside the house, killing officer Christopher Morton and injuring two other officers. The Clinton Police Department, SWAT teams and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department subsequently engaged in a standoff with the suspect. After midnight, officers raided the home and found the suspect, James Waters, dead.

But Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Bill Lowe told reporters Thursday that the 911 actually came from a residence in Windsor, Mo., about 15 miles away.

“We had to backtrack, go through the investigation, locate the number and contact the individuals in Windsor,” he said.

Lowe said it wasn’t clear if the mistake was human error or a fault in the computer system.


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