Pedophile arrested after burglar finds child pornography

JAEN, Spain, Dec. 19 (UPI) —

Police in Jaen, Spain, arrested a pedophile after a burglar who broke into the suspect’s home handed over his collection of child pornography, officials said.

The burglar anonymously called police and said he left the pornography in a car, along with a noted giving the alleged pedophile’s address, ThinkSpain reported Thursday.

"I have had the misfortune to come into possession of these tapes and feel obliged to hand them over and let you do your job, so that you can lock this … up for life," said the burglar in his statement to police.

Police said the suspected pedophile was identified as a trainer for a five-a-side soccer team and he allegedly recorded himself sexually abusing children around the age of 10. At least one of his victims — a girl now 16 — said she had been abused since the time she was 10.

The suspect apparently reported the burglary nine days before he was arrested, but did not include the video tapes the police later recovered.