Watch live: Zuckerberg testifies in Senate on data privacy

Watch live: Zuckerberg testifies in Senate on data privacy

April 10 (UPI) — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify Tuesday before a joint hearing of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees to discuss privacy of user data.

Zuckerberg’s testimony is scheduled to begin at 2:15 p.m. EST. He will address Facebook’s privacy policies and the use of personal data of 87 million users by Cambridge Analytica.

Lawmakers will likely ask Zuckerberg how Facebook will help to protect user data in the future, and if other firms or businesses accessed user information in the same way Cambridge Analytica did.

Zuckerberg’s prepared remarks Monday showed he will apologize and take responsibility for the scandal.

“We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake. It was my mistake, and I’m sorry,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here.”

Facebook has taken steps to make it easier for users to control what they share and delete collected data. Monday, the site began allowing users to see if their information was shared.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee at 10 a.m.