Webcam tracks progress of bear slowly waking from hibernation

April 2 (UPI) — Rangers at a national park in Montana set up a temporary webcam to track the progress of a drowsy bear taking its time waking up from hibernation.

The National Park Service said rangers at Glacier National Park set up the temporary webcam when the bear was first spotted stirring in a hole in a tree March 23.

A clip posed to the park’s Facebook page shows the bear poking its head out from tree hole and blinking its eyes.

“Do you ever struggle just to keep your eyes open?” the park asked in the Facebook post. “This Black Bear (Ursus americanus) knows how you feel! You might hit the snooze button for ten minutes but bears can take several weeks to fully emerge from hibernation!”

The park said rangers have not yet identified the sex of the bear and they do not yet know whether there are any cubs in the den.

“Males, subadults, solitary females, and females with yearlings or 2-year-olds usually leave the vicinity of their den within a week of emergence while females with newborn cubs can remain in the general vicinity of the den for several more weeks,” the park service said.