Delingpole: How to Sell Red Meat Capitalism to Generation Snowflake

James talks with Mark Littlewood, head of the Institute of Economic Affairs, about selling free market capitalism to a millennial snowflake. On this week’s episode of Delingpole, they discuss how you make free markets sexy to Generation Snowflake, the overratedness (by the Brits at any rate) of the National Health Service, and the appeal of conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. (He tells it straight.)

Then, despite having sworn beforehand that they would not talk about Mark’s tragic obsessions–football and its even less comprehensible transatlantic cousin, American football–they do. And the conversation takes a surprisingly interesting turn.

Also, James would much appreciate some support from his very Special Listening Friend. Please feel free to visit his GoFundMe page – called, obviously, Make James’s Health Great Again.


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