Race-Baiting Dem Caught on Spanish-TV Pitting Latinos Against Asians

Many observers believe that the turning point in Scott Brown’s inspiring Senate win in January was when he was able to shake-loose the Democratic narrative that somehow he was trying to take away “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” from the Democrats. His brilliant response, “It’s the PEOPLE’S seat” became a campaign slogan and, eventually, the theme of his victory speech.

Are we now witnessing another such moment in Orange County California?

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez appeared on Spanish-language Univision to appeal to her most important voting base: Latino voters. Perhaps with a false assumption that only Latinos from the left were listening, she let slip an offensive and patronizing charge: The Vietnamese are trying to take the seat from Latinos.

Rep. Sanchez district has seen an enormous influx of Vietnamese immigrants over the past two decades. There have often been tensions between the Latino population and the new arrivals from Asia. Because the vast majority of Vietnamese immigrants arrived here seeking refuge from a communist, totalitarian regime, they tend to lean more to the right than their Mexican counterparts.

Rep. Sanchez’ opponent is Van Tran, an impressive and inspiring figure who is living the American dream. He is a role-model to his community and he represents the values and economic philosophies of the Republican party as well as anyone. And, he is on the verge of defeating Sanchez.

This video could provide Mr. Tran with his “Scott Brown Moment”. Let’s hope he has an opportunity to remind Ms. Sanchez that California’s 47th Congressional District is not Sanchez’ seat and not the Democrat’s seat and not the Latino’s seat.

It’s the people’s seat.


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