Disgruntled Radio Host: 'Scott Walker's An A**hole'

From the same MoveOn.org rally that brought us video of the now infamous foaming liberal, who proudly “declared war on righties, Teabaggers and Republicans” over at the always sunshine and roses hotspot known as Daily Kos, we bring you yet another performance from an angry liberal.

[youtube j7k6WPGc3Ks]

Just moments after Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) gave a rousing speech at MoveOn.org’s “Solidarity With Wisconsin” rally, urging Americans to preach our principles and values across the country and around the world, this self-professed “Left of Lesbian” progressive took to the microphone to follow the Senator with this his own display of values:

“It’s time for Barack Obama to do what he did in Tucson – show up.”

“If you want to know the difference between Egypt and Madison: Mubarak is a Tyrant. Scott Walker’s an Asshole”

(I’m thinkin’ Hyde Park Johnny over at the Daily Kos may want to update his post. He thought there were “no tea partiers in sight.”)

If this man looks and sounds familiar to you, he should. This clip of him on Mediaite made the rounds on the day of the Tucson, AZ shooting, when he used an impromptu vigil as an opportunity to push Sarah Palin into the fray, as did so many others on the left that day.

Of course, the blogosphere was all abuzz about the FOX News clip, as many speculated that Shep Smith’s producers intentionally cut away from the live shot at the very mention of Sarah Palin “to protect its investment.” Others speculated that with so little information available in the hours immediately following the shooting, cooler heads recognized that fueling the ensuing blame game would not be a productive activity. Of course, the most likely explanation: a hard commercial break kicked it at an inopportunely timed moment.

Several blogs that day were sure to inform readers of the comments that followed the man’s mention of Sarah Palin, noting that he “called for violent rhetoric in politics and the media to be toned down.”

It’s unfortunate that no one in the media or blogosphere at the time recognized this man. Because for months on end, prior to his accidental appearance on FOX News, he sat every weekend at the other end of a radio station microphone himself. And let’s just say, judging by his on-air statements like this one, he was no fan of Sarah Palin:

“‘Drill Baby Drill.’ Do you think Sarah Palin still says ‘Drill Baby Drill’ to Todd when he’s laying pipe in her brown tundra?” [listen to mp3]

That man is Greg Morelli. And up until May of 2010, he was the host of Family Values with an Oy Vey on Chicago’s Progressive Talk radio, WCPT (820 AM), also home to Ed Schultz. For two hours each weekend, Greg was joined on the radio by younger brother Joey, the chef and co-owner of the brothers’ Chicago restaurant. One or both of their parents would call into the program, making it a show that fans described as a showcase of an Italian-Jewish food-loving family, quirks and all. The idea seemed lovely, but as I listened to some of the podcasts, other issues became evident.

Perhaps the disclaimer at the start of each show gave it away – “the following program is a paid production from Joey’s Brickhouse” – but Family Values with an Oy Vey was never actually part of the station’s mainstream programming. Rather, Greg and his brother were a paying broker. As is not uncommon on the weekends, radio stations like WCPT sell distinct blocks of radio air time to a broker, which in turn supplies its own content (and often its own advertising). Much the same way buying and airing a weekly infomercial spot for a restaurant is negotiated.

But Greg spent a lot of time complaining about being mistreated (in other words, like an infomercial) instead of a mainstream program. The program had some temporary downtime in 2008, which surfaced again in 2010 and became permanent last May. He began that last show as follows:

“Things are ending in my life. I can feel an end coming. WCPT has been treating me like a girlfriend who stopped booty calling. Dr. Phil says the best indication for future behavior is past behavior. Well my past behavior shows a pattern – of not staying in relationships when I’m unhappy. I don’t stay in relationships when the sex stops. When I stop hearing ‘Drill Baby Drill,’ I start spitting in my hand to keep the rust off the pipe. WCPT is treating me like a muse who doesn’t want to play with my curls. She’s turned off by my Jew-fro. I don’t like this muse, not anymore.”

Toward the end of the same program, Greg continued melting down. until his mom called in with some wise words. “You’ve certainly voiced that over the past six months. Get on with it, let’s not whine about it…” And with that, the program was quietly not renewed after May of 2010, without much word to the listeners. Greg had apparently let the broker agreement go because the station hadn’t give him a real show yet.

Seven months later, he drove out to Arizona to pitch his show to WKFNX. They offered him the chance to barter for air time. Another broker deal. The next day, the Tucson shooting occurred. By the end of that day, the FOX News clip of Greg speaking at the vigil had traveled the web far and wide. When WKFNX wasn’t covering live news on weekends, Greg tried to convince his prospective boss to let him cover the shooting news live on the air. The new boss wouldn’t bite. So, Greg told him off.

And today, he’s apparently got other issues.

Greg tells some he has no answer as to why WCPT canceled him in the first place (aka didn’t turn his infomercial contract into a show).

This is merely an opinion, but the thought, “Greg seems angry” strikes me as a possible contributor. But who knows? Maybe writing quips like these are just fine for someone who’s on the radio and aren’t an example of uncivil rhetoric at all.

“For the love of boners. Elizabeth from The View, the token hottie, is un-jerkable. She’s in the same category as Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean and Rod Blagojevich. People outwardly attractive who open their mouths and become the antidote to Viagra.” 12/1/2009

“Newt Gingrich wants us to go back to profiling. I couldn’t agree MORE. We should profile. So if you see someone who looks like Newt Gingrich, punch him in the mouth and call him a racist. If you see someone who looks like Karl Rove, punch him in the dick and call him a self-hating fag…” 1/3/2010

“Harry Reid is My Nigga: …Health Care will soon pass in America thanks in large part to the Top Cracker in the senate, the Top Bitch in the house and a signature from the Negro-In-Chief.” 1/11/2010

“They should be lynched. I don’t even believe in the death penalty, but in the case of bankers, I’m perfectly happy being a hypocrite. I’ll light the torch. I’ll lead the mob. Too Big To Fail? Another lie. How bout this, we’ll tie a real big knot around your fat head. If you survive the lynching, we’ll shoot you with AIDS blow darts and carve “I have full blown AIDS” into your forehead.” 1/24/2010

and then there’s always this entire post on Sarah Palin.

In a portion of Greg’s last radio segment, Greg’s own mother complained that disinformation, vulgarity and bad behavior on sites like YouTube and certain blogs are cheapening society and civil discourse. I think she’s right. But sadly, it seems Greg’ actions may also be part of that same problem. Especially for someone who’s had the power of a microphone for so much time. Here’s to hoping he follows mom’s advice, as well as his own.

Hat tip to Rebel Pundit and his citizen journalists on the ground in Chicago who provided footage of the MoveOn.org rally.


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