Radical Teachers Push Marxist Agenda and Shift Culture Leftward, Part II

Far left teachers have young minds captured for 6 hours a day and work subtly to fill them with Marxist and radical ideas. That’s what a New York City teacher explained [see the video here] at the recent socialist Left Forum, transcribed courtesy of the Washington Times:

“How do you act as a teacher…in a classroom? Kind of promote ideas of Marxism or kind of begin to (in-audible)? Ya’ know, I think part of it is, particularly at the high school level or at an elementary school level, you have to be careful, because your job…they want you to stick to fairly narrow things and that can be fairly frustrating about it. You can do it wherever you possibly can.”

You just need to be subtle about it. Can’t put up the Soviet flag. Can’t replace Washington’s picture with ole Karl. So how does one go about it?

“Part of it is just actually allowing for room for critical thought in the classroom and allowing for students to think for themselves to talk about issues wherever it’s possible to bring in history and you know…radical from the past… fight for that kind of thing. And I think there is space to do that. There is limitations that we have to do to try to provide that room in our classrooms. I think that radicals and socialists have a particular role to play in fighting for that type of education and bringing it whenever possible…”

[youtube dDeXhmTz_0M]

And this scheme seems to be working beautifully.

A survey from late last year commissioned by the Bill of Rights Institute revealed that nearly half of U.S. adults thought a popular Marx saying –“from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” — originated from one of the founding documents.

Karl Marx in the same sentence as America’s founding documents. Let that marinate for a minute.

Their efforts are paying off and they’re moving America’s culture leftward. That doesn’t bode well for our roots of liberty and self-governance.


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