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Wednesday Afternoon Blog Round-up


Some of the things we’re reading around the web today:

Over at Powerline, an interview with Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (!) on the state’s government shutdown.

At the StoneZone, veteran political operative and bon vivant Roger Stone says don’t believe the Cuomo for VP hype.

Shake, Rattle and DOOM! over at Ace of Spades HQ

Forgetting the Talking Points: Rhode Island DEMOCRATS Pass Voter ID Law at JammieWearingFool.

Good advice for a new blogger from Doug Ross

Vote for the best conservative books at TheBrowser

Big Peace Worldview, July 6th: Moody’s Cuts Portugal’s Debt Rating to Junk Status

Hope: More Fast Food Restaurants are serving beer

Change: Obama ‘recovery’ is worst since Great Depression

New World Order: Google Track Record Raises Questions, at RebelPundit

John Stossel on the college scam at RealClearPolitics


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