BigFraud: Eric Holder Is in Denial


Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech this week declaring that vote fraud is “uncommon.” He also said in an interview to The Washington Post, “You constantly hear about voter fraud … but you don’t see huge amounts of vote fraud out there.” Eric Holder, along with others on the left, is worried that the truth will get out. Vote fraud denial is a project of the radical left to associate voter ID and other electoral reforms with racism of the past like Jim Crow, poll taxes, the KKK. Even comparisons to torturing and killing children have been made.

At least, we have some reasonable people of the progressive persuasion, like former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis and current Rhode Island state Senator Harold Metts, who both recognize that vote fraud occurs and support voter ID. There is not only fraud committed by one party against another.

Democrats have committed fraud against members of their own party in primaries. While Holder is focusing on trying to explain how Fast and Furious could have happened, people like Senator Metts has said, “For decades many of us have heard complaints about voter fraud … There have been numerous anecdotal complaints that have spanned the last two decades that have been ignored.”

The truth is that vote fraud is real, has occurred across the country in recent years and election reforms are necessary. The left claims no one ever gets convicted or persecuted for vote fraud. RNLA did a survey to find examples in a wide variety of states just by looking on the Internet. Predictably, the left has attacked the RNLA survey while missing the point, vote fraud is everywhere if you look for it.

Of course, some of the leading deniers have committed vote fraud themselves in the past.

Example #1: Al Sharpton

MSNBC has launched a segment titled, “Block the Vote” which is spearheaded by Sharpton, who himself has committed vote fraud to win elections.

Example #2: Lessadolla Sowers

This Mississippi Tunica County NAACP executive board member was found guilty of ten counts of vote fraud. This is a vote fraud conviction of a leader of the NAACP, while the same organization has launched protests and issued a report calling vote fraud rare.

What the RNLA found is no surprise to the American public, which in large proportions, supports electoral reforms to prevent fraud — like voter ID. Democrats supported voter ID in Rhode Island and even liberal leaders such as former President Jimmy Carter urged people to “support voter ID laws that make it easy to vote but tough to cheat.”

Even a union election recently held by the liberal International Association of Machinists had a sign up saying “picture ID required to vote.” Vote fraud is a widespread problem and the vote fraud map by the RNLA shows this.

It is unfortunate that people like Eric Holder see investigating voter ID laws in Texas as a political issue when the Supreme Court had previously ruled similar laws constitutional. When Holder’s boss (President Obama) is so unpopular that the left decides to try and scare their base into voting by using electoral reforms (as the President might not be able to win a legal election), it tells you a lot.

Giving speeches like Holder delivered this week is not what the Attorney General should be doing. It seems there are more reasons than Fast and Furious to lose confidence and call for the resignation of the Attorney General.


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